Sunova Beach Volleyball

Why play Beach Volleyball

The advantages and opportunities of Beach Volleyball in America improve more and more each year. Did you know that there are more than 160 colleges that have beach volleyball teams with scholarship opportunities available? We have connections with some of the top coaches in the country.

The game is nuanced and though you're playing with a partner, it feels like much more of an individual sport. Where an indoor player may get a chance to touch a ball 50% of the time while on the court, a beach player touches the ball 100% of the time it comes into play.

You'll get better at jumping. You'll start to be more aware of open court space around you. You'll start to look for open court when taking shots. You will become better at encouraging your teammates and developing connections.

There are subtle differences with beach volleyball; such as, no tipping the ball with open fingers and no setting the serve. Setting the ball with your hands is a bit stricter and must come out clean (but you can go deeper in your toss than indoors). You also can't set the ball over the net with the exception of a forward set with both feet planted. Tricky fake sets result in a loss of a point and a sideout.

You'll learn how to do great cuts and trick shots as well as get proficient at targeted serves. Since diving is actually fun in the sand, you'll tend to get better at reading serves and hits that transfer to being a better indoor defender.

You will also learn how to coach yourself during a game. Beach volleyball doesn't allow coaches to communicate with players during a tournament at all. You'll be forced to dig down deep and come up with your own solutions. Problem solve on your own and know that you did it yourself. It's a true confidence builder.

Beach tournaments are also so much more fun. Most are held at local bars with music keeping you excited. Spectators are away from the courts but can enjoy food, libations, and sun. You won't miss the ringing of whistles or groups of girls screaming. It's truly a fun experience for all.