How much does it cost?

Belong to Sunova Beach Volleyball club for only $300 for the entire Beach Season. You'll have access to two 2-hour training sessions per week as well as weekly pick up games. Enter as many tournaments as you'd like throughout the summer with our help on timing and potential partnerships. Each tournament runs between $20-$30 each.

Practices will run twice a week running from May through July. In Central Ohio Beach Volleyball Tournament Season only runs from the beginning of June to the end of July with tournaments available about 4 days a week giving lots of flexibility.

We will also have Pure Play Time one night a week all summer long where you can stop by to get some practice in. No drills, just pure fun.

Uniforms for Beach are pretty simple. Each partner should have similar shirts or tank tops and similar shorts: they don't have to exactly match. We have team jerseys and beach apparel available. Recent rule changes no longer allow bathing suits to compete for girls.